About Us

Rusco Custom Canopies is a specialty construction and supply business resulting from more than 40 years of experience of its staff with both retail and wholesale residential and commercial construction and improvement products.

Our business focus is on the design and installation of commercial and residential Aluminum Structural Panel Canopies. These canopies take the form of WALKWAY COVERSLOADING DOCK COVERSENTRY CANOPIESSMOKING SHELTERSRESIDENTIAL PATIO COVERSCARPORTS and other MISCELLANEOUS CANOPIES, for wherever shelter is needed.

Our Services Include:

On site consultation to discuss and determine need, construction conditions, product fit and budget.

Design Service. Applying principles of value engineering and sound basic construction to provide a finished product of high quality adhering to building codes. Our consulting structural engineer can provide professional, sealed drawings of your project.

Coordination with architects and general contractors to meet contract specification and construction schedules.

Installing canopies in both commercial and residential environments. We are licensed by the State of Tennessee and local governments as required. We carry Workman's Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance and will furnish certificates on request. Our work crews are safety conscious, courteous and efficient. Our workmanship is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of our trade.

Fabricating and shipping canopies to location where our installation is not needed.

Building relationships with general contractors & builders to follow the needs of construction projects. Well - engineered, simple & well constructed coves, canopies & entryways. Also featuring shelters for equipment. Shop drawings, sealed drawings, and drawings by an Architect.